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day 5.2 of Advent of Code 2020
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diff --git a/2020/day05/binary-bording.py b/2020/day05/binary-bording.py
index d3cb284..6af3833 100644
--- a/2020/day05/binary-bording.py
+++ b/2020/day05/binary-bording.py
@@ -41,3 +41,14 @@ with open('data/boarding-passes.txt') as f:
hi = max(bp.seat_id for bp in seats)
print(f'biggest seat: {hi}')
+# Part Two
+with open('data/boarding-passes.txt') as f:
+ seat_ids = [bp.seat_id for bp in (boarding(bp.strip()) for bp in f)]
+lo = min(seat_ids)
+hi = max(seat_ids)
+print([x for x in range(lo, hi)
+ if x not in seat_ids and x - 1 in seat_ids and x + 1 in seat_ids])
diff --git a/2020/day05/readme.rst b/2020/day05/readme.rst
index 58a1944..36af125 100644
--- a/2020/day05/readme.rst
+++ b/2020/day05/readme.rst
@@ -60,3 +60,20 @@ seat ID on a boarding pass?
Your puzzle answer was 970.
The first half of this puzzle is complete! It provides one gold star: *
+Part Two
+Ding! The "fasten seat belt" signs have turned on. Time to find your seat.
+It's a completely full flight, so your seat should be the only missing boarding
+pass in your list. However, there's a catch: some of the seats at the very front
+and back of the plane don't exist on this aircraft, so they'll be missing from
+your list as well.
+Your seat wasn't at the very front or back, though; the seats with IDs +1 and
+-1 from yours will be in your list.
+What is the ID of your seat?
+That's the right answer! You are one gold star closer to saving your vacation.