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authorBryan Brattlof <bryanbrattlof@gmail.com>2018-11-17 07:29:31 -0600
committerBryan Brattlof <bryanbrattlof@gmail.com>2018-11-17 07:29:31 -0600
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Add initial page template to project
* Added media.scss to base stylesheet folder to hold the breakpoint mixins * The body element now has a line-height to improve readability to the text * Added 'img-extended' mixin to images.scss to hold the css for the different img class layouts. * Added lists.scss to base stylesheet folder to hold the list elements default styling * Modified the h1-h6 elements, to have a normal-font-weight instead of a bold-font-weight. * Added initial page.html, page.scss * Added title.html and title.scss so that the page.html template and article.html template can use the same title element.
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diff --git a/stylesheets/base/variables.scss b/stylesheets/base/variables.scss
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--- a/stylesheets/base/variables.scss
+++ b/stylesheets/base/variables.scss
@@ -2,9 +2,12 @@
$domain: 'https://bryanbrattlof.com';
$font-dir: $domain + '/static/font';
-$font-family-name: 'IBM Plex Sans Light' !default;
+$font-family-name: 'IBM Plex Sans Light', sans-serif !default;
$title-font: $font-family-name;
$display-font: $font-family-name;
+$max-page-width: 800px !default;
$bold-font-weight: 700;
-$normal-font-weight: 300;
+$normal-font-weight: 500;
+$light-font-weight: 300;