The Eudyptula Challenge

From the website: http://eudyptula-challenge.org/

The Eudyptula Challenge was a series of programming exercises for the Linux kernel, that started from a very basic "Hello world" kernel module, moving on up in complexity to getting patches accepted into the main Linux kernel source tree.


Here are the links to each task's readme:

  1. Write a Linux Kernel Module: task
  2. Building a Custom Kernel: task
  3. Modify our Custom Kernel: task
  4. The Coding Style Rules: task
  5. Module Loading Macros: task
  6. Miscellaneous Character Drivers: task
  7. Building Linux-Next: task
  8. Working with debugfs: task
  9. Working with sysfs: task
  10. Submit a Patch: task
  11. A Driver Patch: task
  12. Linked Lists in Kernel Space: task
  13. Optimizing Linked Lists: task
  14. Process Task: task
  15. Create a syscall: task
  16. Submit a Real Patch: task
  17. Using Kernel Treads: task
  18. Handling Delayed Work: task
  19. Networking Filters: task
  20. FAT ioctl: task