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+Task 17
+Another patch made and sent in. See, that wasn't so hard. Keep sending
+in kernel patches outside of this challenge, those lazy kernel
+developers need all the help they can get in cleaning up their code.
+It is time to start putting the different pieces of what we have done in
+the past together, into a much larger module, doing more complex things.
+Much more like what a "real" kernel module has to do.
+Go dig up your code from task 06, the misc char device driver, and make
+the following changes:
+ - Delete the read function. You don't need that anymore, so make it a
+ write-only misc device and be sure to set the mode of the device to
+ be write-only, by anyone. If you do this right, udev will set up the
+ node automatically with the correct permissions.
+ - Create a wait queue, name it "wee_wait".
+ - In your module init function, create a kernel thread, named of course
+ "eudyptula".
+ - The thread's main function should not do anything at this point in
+ time, except make sure to shutdown if asked to, and wait on the
+ "wee_wait" waitqueue.
+ - In your module exit function, shut down the kernel thread you started
+ up.
+Load and unload the module and "prove" that it works properly (that the
+thread is created, it can be found in the process list, and that the
+device node is created with the correct permission value.) Send in the
+proof and the .c file for the module.
+Be sure to keep this code around, as we will be doing more with it next